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Whoever happens to stop by this blog may wonder why I started it. Whenever I read news stories online I always like to put a face to the story. So I got to thinking maybe other people would as well. I always keep up on WV news and most stories don't have the mugshots with them so I hunt them up online and post them with the story. It's not that hard and I don't know why the state news sites don't do it

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

County worker arrested

WELCH -- McDowell County's Animal Control Officer was arrested Tuesday and charged with a half-dozen crimes, including a pair of felonies.
Thomas Franklin Cox, 49, of Skygusty, was in the McDowell County Jail Tuesday night.

West Virginia State Police Trooper 1st Class, J.S. McCarty, said he arrested Cox following an investigation into an alleged attempted rape.

McCarty said he received a complaint from a female Tuesday afternoon. Following the investigation, McCarty said he arrested Cox and charged him with one count each of abduction, attempted first-degree sexual assault, brandishing a firearm, indecent exposure, battery and assault.

McCarty said the incidents allegedly occurred while Cox was acting in his official capacity as the animal control officer.

Details of the incident and the name of the victim were not released. McCarty said Cox will be arraigned before a magistrate Wednesday morning.


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